Andrea Tahan discovered her passion for real estate and architecture at a young age. 20
years ago, Andréa already knew an incomparable success in her profession. Authorized Broker DA with
13 years of experience and a few hundred transactions, you will see immediately
his expertise in negotiation and his professionalism.
Young and dynamic, Andréa is on the lookout for new technologies, communications and
marketing techniques.

Expert in evaluation, she will guide you to choose the ideal price to sell your
House. His knowledge will always give you the best price! Andrea is also an expert in
web marketing and digital strategy. To hire him to sell your house is a three in one!
Broker Specialist, Specialist in Web Marketing Technique and Specialist in

With Mathieu Cloutier, we are Montreal brokers who have come to settle
develop the North Shore following a strong demand from our clientele. We are young,
pro-active and on the lookout for new trends in our field.

Mathieu Cloutier

Mathieu Cloutier is a passionate man with many years of experience in restoration.
Having worked in the largest and most prestigious hotel in Montreal, he knows how to operate in symbiosis
with his pairs. Collaboration with colleagues and diverse contacts is his strength.

Mathieu is a meticulous man, pro active and at your disposal. He has all the ingredients
necessary for the success of your real estate project.

Marketing Director, Mathieu works in graphic design, video creation and all that
touch the marketing team .. rest assured that your home will have the visibility it deserves!

Katherine Ross

Katherine Ross is an exemplary Broker. After several years on sale. Katherine to
decide to choose real estate as a career. At the age of 20 the young entrepreneur is
became a businesswoman devoted to her art. Katherine Ross at a winning attitude and
produces several sales for the team. His success stems from his passion for his work and his
Special listening to the needs of its customers.